About & Contact

About & Contact

Fun Mandatory Icebreaker

Alright, let's get to know each other. Let's do two truths and a lie. Here are two facts and one non-fact about me:

  1. I biked across the entire state of Iowa and it's not as flat as you think.
  2. I've got an author credit on a book that only exists in the New York Public Library's Rare Book Collection.
  3. Fueled by poutine, I've performed at Canada's largest gothic/industrial music festival. 

Awesome. Now it's your turn. 

Biographical Bullet Points

Here are some easily digestible facts about me in bullet point form:

  • Homeless people unanimously refer to me as "big guy." 
  • I'm a great dungeon master (Dungeons & Dragons is basically the same as brand storytelling).
  • I played rugby in college (tighthead/lock) and only broke two bones (finger/nose).
  • I love rats and think they make great pets for kids and adults. 
  • I've performed industrial music in CBGB's basement.
  • I wrote all the HTML for my personal homepage when I was 11. 

Contact & Resume

Send me an e-mail at dan.kalmus@gmail.com and download my resume here.