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Squabble of Seats for Shutterstock

Hey, have you heard about this Game of Thrones show? We released this video right before the series finale to show off the wealth of chair-based footage we have.


SantaCon sucks. What started as an anti-consumerist art project has devolved into an excuse for public intoxication. Our brief was to stop SantaCon by any means necessary. So we leveraged the collateral damage of SantaCon: innocent children.

ProNamel for Kids

Children's enamel is more vulnerable to acid erosion than adult's. But when you use ProNamel for Kids, you can protect their enamel at this critical point in their development and still give them the delicious, healthy, and acidic food they love.


The Canon 70D has some of the best video auto-tracking of any DSLR. We wanted to show just how great and user-friendly the auto-tracking is.

NYC Recycles

Grey wanted to wish NYC a happy holiday. We created this card in honor of our NYC Recycles campaign.


Like many men of my generation, I often pretend to be a baby on the internet. Here's some posts I did masquerading as the E*TRADE Baby.

LPZ Cinetech

I helped create this fundraising video for LPZ Cinetech, an awesome organization that teaches filmmaking to underrepresented kids here in NYC. 

The Internet

I made the front page of Reddit once without using a dumb meme or baby animal photo. Just through the sheer force of words (on my favorite sub, Shower Thoughts). Username available upon request. I also think I'm getting pretty good at eating these days.

Onion Headlines

I took a Second City/The Onion writing class once. Here are some of my favorite Onion-esque headlines:

  • Millennial Transcends Our Endless Cycle Of Want And Desire Only Three Days After Downloading Meditation App

  • Self-Proclaimed Tolerant Man Annoyed By All The Letters Now Appearing After LGBT

  • Inquisitive KFC Employee Suspicious Family Meal Will Only Be Consumed By Singular Person

  • Senior White House Official Resigns After Reading Fire Tweet From Gawker Intern

  • Job Candidate Asks Lots Of Questions About Company’s Drug Testing Policy

  • Text Sent To Older Relative Formatted Like Formal Letter

  • Modern Civil Rights Champion Inspires Entire Country By Signing 12 Online Petitions In One Day

  • Man Thinks He’s Acquired Enough Black Friends To Tell Racist Jokes

  • Don’t Lie, That Was The Best 48 Seconds Of Your Life

  • 9/11 Memorial Selfie Thoughtlessly Ruined By Grieving Family

  • Employee Working From Home Excelling At “From Home” Part Of Job

  • American People To President: “Just Have Fun With It”

  • Hometown Hero Magically Transforms Extra Large Pizza Into Personal Pizza

Adorable Childhood Writing

I've always had a knack for writing even from a young age. Here's a story from around the time I was eight or nine years old. Transcription below for eligibility/SEO purposes:

The Snake

Once upon a decade, in a land very close there was a cobra. He went into people’s houses disguised as a donut. When people tried to eat him, he ran into their closet. When they opened the closet the snake bites them in the rear and runs off to another persons house disguised as a eclair. One day he saw a club for doing what he does. He joined the club. He got the official t-shirt, the ofscial unddeys, the official trick donut, etc… One day he got addicted to alcohol. He drank beer galore.